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Seattle video production

Video production services

Sleepy Dog offers corporate video production for all types of businesses though we specialize in motion graphics and explainer-style videos. Our video creations can include a combination of the following: computer-generated motion graphics, client-provided video/photos, 3D logos, animation, special effects, professional voice-over and pro talent in our green screen studio.

When you need your message to stand out

We have all the latest software and technology at our fingertips to transform your company’s message into a dynamic video that captures the attention of its audience. Complex ideas will be broken down into easy to understand segments so the viewer knows exactly how your services will help them. Our goal is to produce videos that engage, educate and entertain all at the same time.

Please note: on-location filming has been discontinued

Since much of our on-location footage was used only for b-roll in most of our productions, we've discontinued filming on location.

We've also found many clients already have quite a bit of footage they'd like to use in their production, which is great too. In fact, we've got a video production package that's perfect for this situation so check it out.

Seattle video production

Video services:

  • Green Screen
  • Virtual Sets
  • Motion Graphics
  • Explainer Videos
  • Script writing
  • Character Design
  • Voice Overs
  • Photomontages
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Logos

pre productionPre Productioneverything to plan your video production

The video message

Before work can begin, the message of the video must be decided as every video needs to have a clear and concise purpose.

Your intended audience

Once you have decided upon the message, the next step is to clearly define the target audience for the video.

Planning meeting

No matter the length of your finished video, things will go much smoother with a planning meeting.

Script Writing

Once you've decided on the message, a script needs to be written. Even if your video is only 30 seconds, this cannot be skipped.

Story boarding

Once you have your concept for the video, a storyboard is made to plan out all the graphics needed for the video.

Materials collection

This is needed if you're providing video footage and/or photos to use in your finished video.

productionProduction/Animationfrom filming to editing to final render

Voice Over

Sleepy Dog uses professional actors for voice over work. Depending on the intended audience, the voice can reflect credibility and trustworthiness or high energy and fun.

Green Screen Shoot

Professional talent is filmed in our green screen studio so there's plenty of options for adding a virtual set, special effects and graphics to spice up your finished video.

Virtual Set

This is a computer-generated background used when filming pro talent in our green screen studio. We have pre-designed virtual sets or can custom make one for you.

Pro Talent

Use a professional actor as your company's spokesperson to deliver your message more effectively. Choose from a variety of people to best portray your company's image.

Photo Editing

We love to use your photos in our video creations as they help build a connection with the audience. We'll determine what photos are needed and will ask you to supply them.

Motion Graphics

Whether graphics are stock or custom-made, we use the latest software to apply rotation and movement to achieve the needed effects for delivering your message.

2D Animation

Any object can be animated to give it life and make your video more exciting. Animation is more labor intensive than motion graphics so it doesn't fit all budgets.

3D Animation

We have all the latest software needed to animate a 3D object and make it look fanastic. Animating a 3D object is more work than 2D animation so it adds to the cost.

Character Design

If you want a unique character in your video, we can create a computer-generated character just for you. This is cost effective if we are creating a series of videos for you.

3D Logo Creation

Great for the opening or as an element within your video, virtual cameras can fly by your 3D logo to show the audience you're 'top dog' of your industry.


Editing takes a delicate touch and covers many things, such as selecting the best clips or cutting elements without hurting the message.


Music sets the tone and can make or break your video. The perfect music will help your video move along without overpowering it.

Special Effects

Special effects cover many things from fire to water splashing and is used to bring a dynamic element to your video production.


From simple to complex and static or moving, proper titles can greatly enhance the impact and comprehension of your video's message.

Sound FX

Sound is vital to all videos and we have a near endless supply of sound special effects (FX) to make your video remarkable.

more video production servicesAdditional Servicesthe video is ready - now what?

Video Compression

Once the video is rendered, the next step is to get it ready for broadcasting on the web. The original video file will be too large to stream on the web so the files are compressed (hence the name).

Web Upload

After the video is compressed, it's uploaded to the web for streaming on your website. We can host your video or you may host it yourself. Visit our video production rates and packages page for pricing.

Video Hosting

If you don't have a streaming video service, Sleepy Dog would be happy to host your videos. We'll upload the digital files to the server so you won't have to do any work yourself.

Set up channels

Promote your company online by using social media sites like YouTube and Vimeo. We'll set up channels for your corporate videos to draw attention to your company.

Optimizing Video

Just like your website, videos can be optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) and while it's often overlooked, it's an important step for getting your videos found online.

Monthly Subscriptions

We've made it easy to get video for your website on a continuous basis with our monthly subscription service. For your convenience, payments and work are divided into monthly installments.

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