old fashioned service!


Maxie:C.O.D./Business Development

Chief Operating Dog -- Maxie spends his days in Nancy's office where he conducts client outreach when he's not napping. In exchange for daily ear scratches, he finds businesses that are a good fit for our specialized services.

  • Marital Status: Single, but has many girlfriends.
  • Education: Pure street smarts
  • Hobbies: Barking at anyone and everything on the other side of the window, napping, snacking, movies & looking good for the ladies.

Rudy:Creative Director

Rudy is a free spirit who spends his days in Craig's office constantly emitting creative vibes to aid in the design process. He excels at giving feedback to bolster quality and only asks for a few treats in return.

  • Marital Status: Single, but just look at how cute he is. The ladies are all over him.
  • Education: Internet classes
  • Hobbies: Cruising the kitchen for any available snacks and giving kisses to anyone who had a bad day.

Charlie:Founding Dog ('97-2008)

We lost the company's beloved founder in January 2008. He was a faithful, fun-loving muse for the company and he is missed every single day. Our four legged companions are in and out of our lives too quickly.

Fun Fact: He was the inspiration for the company's name because he slept 22 hours a day.

We will always miss him, but are so thankful for our 10 years together. His good nature and ability to have fun in any situation is a lesson for all of us in the "two-legged" world.