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is your marketing bringing in the cash?

If you're not creating new content for your website, you're missing out on a lot of customers. Ready to change that?

Increase sales by targeting online buyers

People searching online are on a mission. They're looking for a company to solve their problem and the best way to get their attention is by creating helpful content.

Targeting qualified buyers for the services and products you sell will result in an increase in traffic and sales.

Content comes in all shapes and sizes

  • New web pages
  • White papers
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts
  • Email marketing

Your website is the leader of your marketing world

Your website is the most vital marketing tool you have so doesn't it make sense to continually invest in it? Content marketing is built on the concept of constant addition of information to potential customers. Give them materials to help them make better buying decisions and you'll be rewarded with increased sales. If you need help with content marketing, check out our web maintenance packages.

Content marketing has higher ROI

Not everyone needs your services so it's more cost effective to target a specific group of online buyers as opposed to using outbound marketing that targets everyone. With nearly 90% of people starting their search for new products and services online, there's always people ready to buy-you just have to get their attention.

What content is best?

Any of the things listed on this page will bring results and each type has a purpose. For example, if you have a complicated service, an explainer video is best because customers won't buy if they don't understand how it benefits them. When comparing products, a chart on your website and/or a pdf outlining the features/prices helps people clearly see the difference.

Video is the magic elixir

Looking for a way to explain a complicated process? Wondering how to keep website visitors interested? Professional videos can make a boring subject exciting and complex material easy to understand.

Video works because the combination of visual and audio elements engage, entertain and educate all at the same time.

Video increases conversion rates

Want to make sure your message gets delivered? Video is the best vehicle as it's easier for people to click "play" than to read. Studies show video keeps visitors on your website longer, and the longer they stay, the more they learn and the more likely they'll contact you.

Stand out and sell more

Give a prospect sales material to read and it’ll get thrown on the pile BUT give them a video to watch and your company will get noticed. Used in this way, video can help your small business compete with larger companies as it grabs the attention of its audience and doesn't let go.

Video is versatile

From customer testimonials to showcasing products to explaining services, video does a better job of getting information to customers (no reading involved). An added bonus is that 1 video can be used many different ways: website, email campaign, social media or sales presentation. If you need help with vidoes, check out our video production packages.

Video has many purposes
  • Sales-Stand out from the competition
  • Educational-Save time with maintenance videos for customers
  • Training-All employees receive consistent info
  • Promotional-Grab the attention of prospects

Show off skills in a company blog

Fresh original content is the key to targeting potential customers searching online. The best way to attract the attention of these “qualified buyers” is to have content that answers their questions or solves their problems.

Blog posts containing helpful information will get them to click on the post, which brings them to your site.

Why do search engines LOVE blogs?

The most vital component of search engine optimization (SEO) is content but it has to be fresh, original content. Every post (written or video) is adding new original content to your website. If you don't have time to write posts, you may be interested in our web maintenance packages.

More traffic = more sales

Long-tail keywords (phrases with 3 or more words like ‘black nylon dress socks’) are the best way to attract buyers as they don’t get searched as often, which makes them less competitive and an ideal target because it’s easier to get ranked for them. Using them will attract the attention of people who are ready to buy your services.

Increase sales with video posts

Make your blog work better by using video posts as people are more likely to listen to a video than read. With our Video Blog Post package, we use a professional actor to deliver your "words of wisdom" while adding your company logo to make it look more polished.

Endless supply of topics
  • Answer FAQs
  • Highlight new products or services
  • Discuss current events related to your industry
  • Share “How to” tutorials
  • Anything customers might find useful

Email marketing: cost effective

Every day people are blasted with mail they don’t want so stop wasting money on print pieces. Email marketing campaigns are a cost effective way to reach your target audience and increase sales to current customers.

Using video in emails can increase conversion rates by 51% while 60% say video made customers more likely to buy.

Why use email marketing?

The best reason is that it’s free. It doesn't cost anything to send an email and you know people are constantly checking their email all day long. When using an online email service, you can track results, such as who opened your email and when along with click through rates on links.

Video increases ROI

Adding video to emails can ramp up click-thru rates by as much as 54%. Just adding ‘video’ in your subject line increases the open rate AND people are more apt to share your email-that’s the power of video! Sleepy Dog has many video packages to make adding video easy.

“I don’t have time”

Sleepy Dog's web maintenance packages are the perfect solution for an overworked business owner. Your CHOICE hours can be used for email campaigns and if we've made videos for your company, those can be included too.

Higher customer retention = more sales
  • Keeps your business top of mind so customers think of you first.
  • Discounts give them incentive to stay with you.
  • Ongoing communication strengthens relationships.
  • They know you and more likely to open emails.

online meetings: better than driving all over town

Ever wondered how much time could be saved if you didn't have to travel to meetings? How much more productive your company would be if business could be handled without leaving the office?

Online meetings and webinars not only make you more productive, you'll save time and money while connecting to customers easier.

So easy anyone can use it

You don’t need to be a computer geek to use online meetings nor will customers need to download software. It’s as simple as sending an invitation via email. The recipient needs to be in front of a computer and have access to their email. When they click on the link in your email, it allows them to see what’s on your computer screen and there’s a phone connection so you can talk.

What materials can be shared?

Videos, PowerPoint presentations, documents, pdfs and photos can all be uploaded and you can share your screen while browsing the Internet. Don’t let a lack of materials keep you from using it as Sleepy Dog can create complete presentations for you.

Most effective material? Video

Make sure they remember your message. A professionally done video grabs the attention of its audience while delivering a perfect message and studies show it increases conversion rates and sales. Check out our video packages and have us create a video for your next meeting.

Why use online meetings?

  • No wasted time traveling
  • More convenient
  • Easier to schedule
  • No travel costs
  • More productive meetings

Reach out to customers

Social networks give you access to hundreds and thousands of potential customers every day. As a business owner, you can use its power and influence to brand your company and build better relationships with customers.

Using video on social media can really rev up your inbound marketing efforts as more people turn to online social channels.

Which social networks are right for your company?

If you are B2B, then LinkedIn or other sites targeting professionals will be of value. If you are B2C, then Facebook, Pinterest or any site focusing on consumers is best. You don’t need to be on all of them but you DO need to be active; nothing looks worse than a business with an inactive page as it sends the wrong message.

Video is contagious

People who watch a great video are more apt to share it with others. Have Sleepy Dog create a series of funny videos or ones filled with helpful tips to post on social media. Check out our video packages.

But I don't have time. . .

Don’t miss out on opportunities just because you don't have time to connect with customers online. Depending on which web maintenance package you have, your C.H.O.I.C.E. hours can be used for management of your social media.

Use social with these for better marketing
  • Responsive website works great for all users and devices.
  • Active blog educates and draws traffic to your website.
  • Email campaigns increase sales to your customer base.
  • Content marketing targets buyers needing your products/services.
  • Video delivers a perfect and effective message every time.

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