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Website infographics

If you have some complex data you want to present in a simplified and/or animated fashion, try an infographic.

Get your message out there

Potential customers need to understand how you can solve their problem and that can be tough. Our solution? Infographics to simplify complex products and services because people are more likely to buy when they understand that you have the solution.

People are visual

An infographic breaks down complicated ideas into smaller blocks of information that are easier to understand. We used images and graphics to guide the audience through the learning process, which is retained better because it was presented visually.

Please note: we are remodeling the infographics gallery area. It should be back online in Q2 2020. In the meantime we have a brief description of infographics style below and would be happy answer any questions for you.

3 kindsof infographics


Information is presented with a mix of text, graphics and images though the user cannot interact with it. It can come in many forms, such as a print piece or graphic for your website.


This takes things up a notch by using motion graphics to animate specific elements. Adding movement captures and keeps the user’s attention making it even more effective.


It contains movement like an animated infographic but allows the user to interact with it. This is the ultimate way to deliver your message as the user learns at their own pace.