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Let your website vistors interact with the charts and graphs.

From simple to complex...animate some data or tell a complete story

We're currently renovating the infographics area with a new gallery and new package prices. All the new demos and information should be online in Q3 2019. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.

Communicate more effectively

For a business to be successful, potential customers need to understand how you can solve their problem and that can be tough.  Our solution? Infographics to simplify complex products and services because people will be more likely to buy when they understand that you have the answer to their problem.


Visual powerhouse

People are visual and that's why Infographics are such a valuable tool.  By using interactive graphics and images, Sleepy Dog can breakdown complicated ideas into smaller blocks of information.  In this way, we guide the audience through the learning process to more effectively tell your story.  

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After we receive your info, we'll give you a quick call to schedule an online meeting time that's convenient for you. You'll just need to be in front of your computer for screen sharing. The gift card and swag will be mailed to you after the meeting. No strings attached. We look forward to talking with you.