old fashioned service!

Old fashioned service

Husband/wife owned and operated. Boutique agency with limited clientele. You'll always deal with an owner of the company.

(cool) Craig Roblewsky

computer wizard, big thinker, sci-fi geek

As the head geek and computer mastermind (he answers to both), Craig spends most of his time chained to the computer. Actually, he’s free to move about, he just prefers to create graphics, design websites and edit video.

He’s a rare combination of computer geek and graphic designer, which makes him perfect for web development and video production as he can handle both the technical and artistic aspects.

When a problem calls for an innovative solution, he is the 'go-to person' for the answer. He leads the Sleepy Dog team by inspiring everyone to work to the best of their ability and encourages them to think outside the box.

(nifty) Nancy Roblewsky

content marketing master, detail oriented, dog mom

It’s a good bet she’ll answer the phone so don't be afraid to call-she's harmless and only wants to help. Even if you’re not sure what you want, she’ll ask all the right questions to find out exactly what you need.

Working closely with clients from the first phone call to the completion of their project, she keeps the lines of communication open and makes sure all the balls are rolling in the right direction.

She wears a lot of different hats: inbound marketing specialist, copywriter, SEO expert and assisting Craig in all video and web projects. Her goal is to make sure all clients are happy with the end result.

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