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About Sleepy Dog Media Group

We're a small and scrappy digital design studio based in the greater Seattle area. You'll always deal with an owner of the company.

Who we are

Owner-run means every call and email is answered by us. Superior productivity and quality are maintained by doing all work in-house.

Why we're different - no bull

We cut through the BS. You won’t get jargon and buzz words thrown at you, instead we use easy to understand language to get our point across.

How you'll benefit.

Our full-service solutions require minimum time commitments from you, which makes working with us easier and less stressful.

What you’ll get

The truth. We don’t make promises we can’t keep and won’t tell you just anything to make the sale but instead, offer the best solution to your problem.

What do we believe?Hint: it's mostly about helping you

  • ListeningWe believe listening is the key to solving your problems.
  • RelationshipsWe believe in building long-term relationships with you.
  • Websites rockWe believe your website is the centerpiece of all your marketing.
  • Video convertsWe believe video is a compelling tool your business should harness to increase sales.
  • Dachshunds are coolOkay, this one may be on the list because Rudy and Dewey are sitting here staring at us with their big cute eyes.
  • Your successWe believe our success is tied to your success.

Meet the teamthe dogs really run everything

Craig Roblewsky

Craig Roblewsky

coder, designer, sci-fi fan, dachshund dad

As the head computer geek and digital guru, I spend most of my time chained to my desk. Actually, I'm free to move about, but I prefer to design infographics, build websites and create animated videos.

I won't bore you with a bunch of technical industry jargon because that's not why you're here. I will just say that I eat, sleep and breathe code, design and motion graphics. I'd be honored to create something amazing for you that will help your business grow.

Nancy Roblewsky

Nancy Roblewsky

copy writer, illustrator, client helper, doxie mom

I'm the one who always answers the phone so I'll listen closely to what you have to say and probably ask quite a few questions.  In this way, I can figure out how Sleepy Dog can best solve your problem.

I'll make sure the lines of communication are open, and all the balls are rolling in the right direction to complete your project on time.  I want you to achieve your business goals as we are only as successful as our clients.



Chief Operating Dog & Creative Director

Don't tell mom and dad I said this, but I really do most of the work around here. I just let them pretend they're in charge. I'm constantly emitting creative vibes to aid in the design process. I also run the day to day business operations. It's exhausting. Here's my partial resume.

  • Marital Status: Single, but super cute so the ladies are all over me
  • Education: Online classes
  • Special Skills: Barking at troublemaking cats and squirrels
  • Hobbies: Cruising the kitchen for any available snacks and giving kisses to anyone who had a bad day


Director of Customer Relations & Community Outreach

I may be the newest member of the team, but my easy-going personality has already made me a client favorite. My calm demeanor and quick thinking enable me to close even the most difficult of deals after which, I enjoy a well-deserved nap to recharge my battery.

  • Marital Status: Bachelor, but open to dating
  • Education: On-the-job-training
  • Special Skills: Warming laps and putting people at ease with my sparkling personality
  • Hobbies: Chasing squirrels and perfecting the art of napping

What's with the name?The company is named after Charlie

Sleepy Dog Media Group logo

As you can probably guess — we're crazy about dachshunds around here. The company name was inspired by our first dachshund, Charlie. Here he is in all his napping glory, falling out of his little bed while he slept.

After tearing the stuffing out of some toys and chewing some bully sticks, he would often take naps in unusual positions. We called him a sleepy dog and when the business was formed in 2007, we named it after him.

sleepy dog

4 Legged friends we've lost along the way


CharlieFounding "Sleepy" Dog (1997-2008)

We lost the company's beloved founder and namesake in 2008. He was a faithful, fun-loving muse for the company and he is missed every single day. Our four legged companions are in and out of our lives too quickly.


SlinkyFounding Dog (1998-2016)

If there is such a thing as a dog muse, that was Slinky. He always seemed to know what you were saying and when he was around, the creativity seemed to flow quickly.


Ollie"The Wagman." (2001-2016)

He was known around here as The Wagman because of his never ending tail-wagging and puppy kisses. He was the friendliest guy you could ever meet and made everyone smile.


Maxie"Relaxie Maxie" (2003-2018)

While he was perfectly content to snooze all day, he was quick to come running for treats. He loved a good ear scratch and, in exchange, would reward you with snuggles and kisses.

A word about senior dogs

After the unexpected loss of our first dog Charlie, we started searching for a brother for Slinky. We quickly realized a young dog was too energetic for him (and us) and chose Ollie, an older dog who fit our low-key household. We've been hooked on senior dogs ever since.

Senior dogs still have plenty of energy for daily walks but are always ready to take a nap. You never have to worry about them chewing on your shoes and most are housebroken (and if you've ever trained a puppy, then you know what a bonus that is!) They are laid back, eager to please and usually settle into your routine without too much of a fuss.

Please consider adopting a senior dog because every dog deserves a loving home.