Nancy Roblewsky
December 28, 2017

What should you include on your website?

Some of you may think that’s a silly question as the answer is pretty obvious, or is it? Think about it-most of you have been to thousands of websites and I’ll bet many of them either had technical jargon the average person can’t understand or had very little useful information and was of no help.

Of all the websites you’ve visited, how many had useful information that answered your questions?  My point here is that the business owner (and website designer) needs to put themselves in the shoes of potential clients and see things from their point of view. Your website should include content that entices people to stick around to learn more.

For instance, many of them will be first time visitors and therefore, not familiar with your business or what you do so your home page should clearly explain what you do.  All visitors to your website are likely looking for a product or service so if you can answer their questions and let them know you can solve their problem, they will take the next logical step and contact you.

What do they need to know about your company?

First off, you need to clearly define your service area and provide a list of what services/products your provide.  Many people land on the home page of a business and quickly click off because the person didn’t understand what they did.  It may seem obvious but I see websites all the time and though I look at the home page, I wasn’t sure what they did-so I left!

People want to know you’re reliable so advertising how long you’ve been in business or displaying testimonials are great-letting them read about the wonderful experiences others have had with your company can  never hurt.  Give a little company history so they can learn about the owner and key employees-let them feel like they know you-even though they’ve never met you.

Talk to them in their language

Don’t use technical jargon the average person won’t understand though it’s ok to use some technical words if you explain their meaning.  Write as though you’re talking to the person face to face so pretend you’re answering their questions and selling your services (or products).

Stop and think about what questions or concerns people have when you talk to them.  Do they repeatedly ask about the same things?  If so, you probably want to include a Frequently Asked Questions section on the website as, chances are, most website visitors will have the same questions.

I hope this gives you some insight as to what to include on your website.  The goal of any website is to increase sales so remember to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and you’ll do just fine.

Published: December 28, 2017 • Last Updated: March 12, 2020