Nancy Roblewsky
January 7, 2018

Why isn’t your website a priority?

So many business owners I know (and talk to) are constantly putting their website on the back burner.  It’s always “something I’ll look into when things slow down.”  Well, I’ve got news for you.  No spare time is going to magically appear one day so you can start thinking about your website.

Do you have a long term plan?

It’s a bold statement that you may or may not agree with though I want to address why so many business owners don’t make their website a priority.  If I were to ask them, “Is your website crucial to your business?”  I believe the majority would say “Yes.”

They seem to know their website is important and yet, do not invest additional resources to keep it up-to-date or add new content to grow it. So, what is it that keeps them from this task?  Is it simply being too busy with the daily grind of their work ?  If so, I’d argue that you need to make some changes as focusing only on your daily work is not good for business.

Not looking ahead means you may very well be surprised by the state of your business a month or year down the road.  Every owner should have a long-term plan for growing their business, which includes marketing ideas and focusing on new services or products.

Consider hiring a professional

A reason I heard recently was that “business is good right now so I’m going to wait before doing anything.”  Is this really a good idea?  Just because customers are flowing in today, doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever.  If you wait until the pipeline is empty, you won’t have a continuous flow of business.

You’ll have that deathly lull all business owners dread and should try to avoid at all costs.  Being pro-active to keep your pipeline full of customers should be the goal of every business owner.  Every owner has his or her own reasons for putting things off and my job is to offer them simple solutions for making their website a priority.

The first step may be to simply face the fact that you are too busy to take care of the website yourself.  Hire a professional to take care of it for you.  It’s obvious you have too many things on your plate and so, do yourself (and your business) a favor and hand it off to someone who can get things done.  It will be money well spent.

Make your website a high priority

Your website is crucial to your business.  It brings in many new customers and helps convert referrals. Follow my logic and see if you agree with me.  Doesn’t it make sense that if it (website) works good now, if you spent a little more money to improve it, it would  work even better (i.e. bring in more customers)?

Do yourself a favor and make your website a high priority.  When you see an increase in performance a few months down the road, I’ll bet you’ll be glad you did.

Published: January 7, 2018 • Last Updated: March 11, 2020