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Dedicated landing pages ready in just 10 days

Your ads get clicks, but too many don’t convert. We’ll build dedicated landing pages that turn your visitors into customers and have them ready to launch quickly.

You're burning money if your PPC ads link to your website.

People clicked your ad because they have a need but they get confused when the content on your website doesn’t match the ad or answer their questions.

Their fears and objections need to be addressed before they'll convert and when your website doesn’t provide this information, they leave.  You just lost a sale but there is a simple solution - dedicated landing pages.

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Dedicated landing pages convert 65% higher than website pages.
6 key factors

What's the difference between your website and landing pages?


Your website has multiple purposes (inform, sell, etc.) whereas a landing page has a single focus-to convert visitors into your customers.


Your website has a wide range of content. A landing page only has focused, relevant content on one topic or offer that matches your ad.


Your website has a navigation menu guiding visitors to other pages. A landing page has little to no navigation to keep visitors focused on the page.

Call to action

Your website has multiple CTAs guiding to various actions where a landing page has one CTA leading visitors to your primary desired action.

Design flexibility

Your website has design elements catering to diverse content needs but a landing page has specific design elements leading users toward a singular action.


Your website is aimed at a wide demographic with varied interest whereas a landing page is highly targeted and focused on a niche audience segment.

Features that convert

We’ll build custom landing pages that turn your visitors into customers.

Proper headlines

Clear headlines and persuasive content provide the information they need to buy.

No distractions.

No links, promos or navigation which keeps them focused on the content.

Selling points.

The benefits of choosing your company over your competitors are clearly outlined.

Provide proof

Customer reviews offer social proof you have helped others and will help them too.


In multiple locations, CTAs prompt visitors to take the specific action you want.

Contact options

Contact info and email form lets them choose their preferred method of contact.

We highly recommend Sleepy Dog Media. They are great to work with, especially Nancy. She goes above and beyond to meet our needs. She’s fast and always provides her professional advice to better our website. They’ve built several websites for us over the past 14 years and we’ve always been impressed with their work.

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Landing page design & development prices

Get more from your ad dollars with custom landing pages.

Increased ROI • Higher conversion rate
Decreased bounce rate • Lower PPC cost


$995 /per page

Total pages: 1
Total fee: $995

Our standard design and development service features static page(s) with specific CTA targets.

  • Brainstorm meeting
  • Page design & development
  • Page animations
  • Custom GIF
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$1,995 /per page

Total pages: 1
Total fee: $1,995

The complete package. You'll receive a custom design emailable GIF for each page to use in your targeted campaigns.

  • Brainstorm meeting
  • Page design & development
  • Page animations
  • Custom GIF
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Brainstorming session

This is a short online meeting where we ask all the right questions to gather the essential information needed to create the most effective pages.

We’ll discuss which keywords to target, your specific call to action, relevant content, social proof and other assets needed for development.

Page design & development

We write content, supply graphics, and arrange the essential elements in an engaging layout that matches your existing brand for consistency.

After designing, your custom pages move to the development stage where they are coded and tested to work equally well on all devices.


Moving graphics and animated buttons are created to wow visitors and draw their attention to vital content as they scroll down the page.

Interactive elements boost conversions even higher by engaging visitors in the buying process while animated call-to-action buttons encourage action.

Custom GIFs

We create custom GIFs you can use in emails, social media, or anywhere you want to promote your landing pages.

A separate GIF will be made for each landing page and you’ll receive files in the proper formats and are ready to use.

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got questions?

Landing page design FAQs

Will my landing pages work on phones?

They are made to work on all devices equally well. They load fast and the content changes to fit the screen size upon which they are displayed.

How many landing pages do I need?

Each landing page should have one focus. For the best results you need separate pages to match the different keywords targeted in your ads.

Do landing pages require any work from me?

Hardly any. You only need to answer a few questions during a short brainstorming session and review the final pages when done. We do all the copywriting, design and development.

What landing page plan is best for me?

Any of the plans will be an improvement over the status quo. They all include features to increase conversions (no navigation, social proof, strong call-to-action) though it’s been proven that landing pages with animations perform even better than static ones.

Do pages with animations perform better?

Yes. Studies show landing pages with animations can increase message efficiency by 79% while an animated call-to-action button increased clicks by 26%. Why? It engages visitors and draws their attention to vital content.

Do your landing pages include everything?

Yes. Our price includes the copywriting as well as the design and complete development of the pages. The web files you receive are ready for upload.

Who uploads the landing pages?

We’ll email the web files to you and you can have your web developer upload them.

Will I get an opportunity to make changes?

Yes. You get 2 rounds of changes to ensure you’re happy with the final pages.

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Your ads are getting clicks but no conversions. You only get 1 opportunity to convert clicks into customers and we don't want you to waste it. We'll show you how to get a higher return with new dedicated landing pages.

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