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The 3 secrets
to make your website a success
Hint: it's not rocket science...
website design services

Successful websites...

require three key ingredients. Now, it's not rocket science, but it is important to pay attention to the following website elements.


Unique Content

Good doesn't cut it anymore. We transform all the information about your business, products and services into the most amazing content ever.


Serve mobile

If your website doesn't work on their phone, people will leave and never come back. That's why our websites work on all devices-so everyone's happy.


Be yourself

What's your company culture? Fun? Retro? Confident? Make sure your website reflects your personality. Show the world why you're different.

What goes into making your website?Sleepy Dog Media Group's web design process:

Design meeting

Where to start? We hold an online meeting to share ideas, answer questions and set a timeline for completion.


What about you? Basic company and marketing questionnaire is emailed so we can get vital info needed to start work.

Site goals

What does your website need to do? It’s not the same for all businesses so we ask the right questions to find the answer.

User needs

Who are your customers? We look at things from THEIR point of view to determine how your website needs to work.

Keyword Research

How will people find you? We do in-depth keyword research of online users to incorporate SEO elements into your site.

Content creation

What type of content is best? We determine what kind of content will appeal to users and get to work creating it.

Gather Materials

What materials are needed? Photos and info about your staff, products and services so we can develop amazing content.


Can visitors find things quickly? Navigation is crucial to keeping visitors engaged while moving them through the buying funnel.

Design the look

What will appeal to visitors? With the user in mind, we create a stunning yet effective design that'll increase your conversion rate.


How is site being viewed? Our websites are responsive to the screen size on the device so it's functional and appealing to all.


Is it working properly? Extensive testing is done to make sure your site works in major browsers and there's no coding errors.


Ready to go? Many clients choose a monthly web maintenance package in preparation for a long profitable journey.