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Of course they're named after dogs. Dogs are cool!

The Big DogBite the competition!

  • Designed Pages: 9-12
  • Design Hours: 65
  • Copywriting Hours: 65
  • Total Hours: 130
Design features:
  • Responsive Design
  • Basic Information Pages
  • Contact Form
  • Service/Product Page(s)
  • Dynamic Elements
  • Project Gallery
  • Blog Setup
4 payments of
Best Seller

The HoundSolid Performance

  • Designed Pages: 5-8
  • Design Hours: 40
  • Copywriting Hours: 35
  • Total Hours: 75
Design features:
  • Responsive Design
  • Basic Information Pages
  • Contact Form
  • Service/Product Page(s)
  • Dynamic Elements
  • Project Gallery
4 payments of

The PuppyBudget Starter

  • Designed Pages: 3-4
  • Design Hours: 25
  • Copywriting Hours: 15
  • Total Hours: 40
Design features:
  • Responsive Design
  • Basic Information Pages
  • Contact Form
4 payments of

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web glossary of termsWeb Design Packages Terminology(don't read this - it's very boring)

Designed Pages

The number of pages depends on your package and business. If you offer many services, it's best to have a separate page for each to maximize visibility.

The key to great rankings will always be content so pick a web package that's big enough so you can have all the pages needed to attract buyers.

Design Hours

These hours include the actual design time for your website.

This includes laying out pages, designing graphics, creating navigation, selecting colors, writing code, testing the site in all the browsers, etc..

Writing Copy

From a search engine point of view, this is the most important part of your website. Without great content, it's difficult to rank for your keyword phrases.

We write original copy to attract qualified buyers to your website and then, make sure it's relevant and helpful so they stay on your site longer.

Copywriting Hours

This includes writing, editing and organizing text for your website.

Critical for success, our professional copywriters know how to write for humans as well as writing copy for improved SEO to increase web traffic.

Responsive Layout

With responsive design, your website changes to fit within the width of the screen so no matter what size screen you have on your desktop, tablet or phone, there's no side to side scrolling.

This improves the functionality of your site and gives the user the best experience possible.

Basic Info Pages

These pages are the 'work horse' of all websites as they include the essential information about your business.

We combine photos and great text with an easy to understand layout so web visitors can quickly find the info they need.

Contact Form(s)

This short email form gives visitors a quick convenient way to contact you immediately. By getting vital contact information from them, you can use it to start a conversation that can lead to a valuable sale.

Service Page(s)

Expand your services and products into multiple pages to give extra visibility to your biggest money makers.

As an extra bonus, the more detailed information can help increase sales by drawing more buyers to your website.

Dynamic Elements

These interactive items include things like the sticky note graphics that pop up as you scroll down this web page.

Dynamic elements engage website visitors and encourage them to stay on your site longer, which can increase conversion rates and sales.

Project/Photo Gallery

People are visual so the more pictures on your website, the better. Pictures taken by you are better than stock photos so get shooting!

It's beneficial to show completed work or 'before and after' photos-we can even include captions so visitors better understand the work done.

Blog Setup

Blogs are terrific for SEO but only if posts are written on a regular basis and many business owners don't have the time to do this.

Sleepy Dog offers blog management in most of our web maintenance packages and with this service, we'll write the posts for you.

Web Maintenance

Our maintenance packages include much more than just updating photos and content-they include inbound marketing services to increase web traffic.

SEO hours take care of technical items while CHOICE hours will be customized to include whatever inbound or content marketing services you need.