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Your website is the center of your digital world. Does it reflect the quality, integrity and professionalism of your business? If not, we'll fix that for you.

“Bounce rate cut in half.”

“28% increase in leads.”

“Customers love our site!”

Aside from the stunning quality of product continuously delivered to DeGorter, Inc. over many years. We can unequivocally say Sleepy Dog Media Group is an essential part of the continued success of our business and an invaluable partner.

Pete Degorter Pete deGorter Vice President, DeGorter, Inc.
Monroe, NC


Your business is judged on the quality of your website.

First impressions are everything. Don’t blow it.

Your website stinks and visitors are running away!

You may get calls from your bad website but how many people visited and didn't call? 75% judge your credibility based on your website. When it stinks, they leave.

Your competition's site is sooooo much better.

They leave your website but keep searching until they land on your competitor's website. It looks smokin’ so they stay and become their customer instead.

Your list of lost sales is growing bigger every day.

Each person who leaves your website is a potential sale lost. You need them to stay if you’re going to turn them into customers. Don't miss your opportunity.

a new website that turns browsers into buyers.

Focused on your target audience

your new website is a super star salesperson working 24/7.

  • Works on all devices
  • Fast load times
  • Clear navigation
  • Touch-friendly
  • Easy-to-read text
  • Appealing images
  • Engaging animations
  • Up-to-date content
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Clear call-to-actions
  • Quality checks before upload
  • Contact info readily available

Mobile friendly

Looks great & works properly on all screen sizes to keep customers on your website longer.

Fast loading

Quick load times on all devices keep customers from leaving and lowers your bounce rate.

Clear CTA

A vital component, the call-to-action is a simple instruction telling your visitors what to do next.


Unlike most other web design firms, we do all the writing, so you don’t have to. We skillfully craft words that engage and convince your visitors to act.

Some of our work

Midway Heating website mockup
Fischer Meats website mockup
Eastside Tree Works website mockup
DeGorter Glass website mockup
Premier Field website mockup
J and R Wood Products website mockup
How it works

Getting your new site is crazy easy

Only three quick steps and you’ll be on the road to a new website that’ll have the leads flooding in.


Strategy Session

Ask in-depth questions to learn about your business and gather vital info about your customers, competitors, goals, etc.


Research, Plan, Build

After analyzing your data, your new site is created with compelling visuals and content catered to your target audience.


Site Goes Live

Once you’ve reviewed your website and given the ‘thumbs up’, quality checks are done before it goes live.

The choice is yours...

Monthly subscription or flat-fee?

Both plans include the same high quality, custom-designed website. The main difference is a monthly subscription includes ongoing maintenance, content creation and a fresh remodel every 24 months.

Flat fee plan is best when you

  • Won't need many or any updates.
  • Have a limited budget
  • Are in a specialized industry.
  • Want to cut monthly expenses.

If you want a professional website but don’t need updates and are looking to limit expenses, a flat fee website is the way to go.

Monthly subscription plan is best when you

  • Need frequent changes.
  • Would like new content added on a regular basis.
  • Want to grow in a competitive market.
  • Would like to ensure it always functions properly.
  • Want a fresh remodel every 24 months.

If you’re focused on growing your business and want your website completely taken care of so you never have to worry about it, this is for you.

One and done

Flat fee websites

If you don't need frequent updates, blogging or email marketing, a flat fee package is a great choice. You'll get a stunning website tailored to your customer base.

Design Only


For those on a budget or just starting out, this custom website doesn't have animations but still offers a professional website that reflects your high quality.

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  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast load times
  • Stock graphics & images
  • Copywriting
  • Call-to-actions
  • Quality testing

Fully Animated


For those wanting to make an impact, this website offers added interactivity and scroll-triggered animations to engage your customers and keep them on your site longer.

Contact Sales
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast load times
  • Stock graphics & images
  • Copywriting
  • Call-to-actions
  • Custom animations
  • Animated buttons
  • Quality testing

¹ Prices listed above are for an average sized website. Contact us for an exact quote.

simple monthly fee

Monthy Plans

simple monthly subscription covers:
initial development • ongoing management
site growth • updates • hosting


$795 /per month

If you're a solo operator or a small business with limited website needs, this is the plan for you.

  • Unlimited site updates
  • Content creation
  • Hosting, traffic reports
  • Speed optimization, UX testing
    Browser checks
  • Remodel after 24 months
  • On-page SEO
  • Blog management
  • Custom animations
  • Quarterly strategy meeting
  • Email marketing
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$1,695 /per month

If you’re serious about growth, an active blog and targeted email campaigns are vital to expanding your market.

  • Unlimited site updates
  • Content creation
  • Hosting, traffic reports
  • Speed optimization, UX testing
    Browser checks
  • Remodel after 24 months
  • On-page SEO
  • Blog management
  • Custom animations
  • Quarterly strategy meeting
  • Email marketing¹
Contact sales

Web design terminology

Warning: Super boring. Reading may result in unscheduled napping.

Hosting & reports

Website is issued a security certificate at HTTPS address, files are backed up regularly and easy-to-read traffic reports are emailed. (Monthly plans only).

24 month remodel

Once you have made 24 consecutive monthly payments, your website will be remodeled to give it a fresh look. (Monthly plans only).

Site updates

Google rewards sites that add content on a regular basis. Updates to text and photos mean content is always accurate. (Monthly plans only).

Content creation

As your business grows, we create new content for expanded services or products and add features for a better user experience. (Monthly plans only).

Speed optimization

Loading speed is a major factor for ranking. Efficient coding makes your site load fast and regular testing keeps it fast.

UX testing

Accessibility, links, and navigational items are tested to ensure your site functions correctly and remains a positive experience for users.

Browser checks

Browsers updates occur several times a year. Checks are done to ensure your site works properly after each update and any bugs are fixed. (Monthly plans only).

On-page SEO

Ongoing work is needed to revise titles, meta descriptions, image tags and other items for optimal results. (Pro & premium plans only.)

Blog management

To attract more traffic, we maintain active blog and write posts on a consistent basis. (Pro & premium plans only.)

Custom animations

This includes animating your logo, informational sliding panels and interactive elements to add the "wow" factor. (Premium plan only.)

Strategy meeting

Hold quarterly meeting to discuss changes, brainstorm ideas and explain plans to improve web performance. (Premium plan only.)

Email marketing

Increase sales and retain customers with email campaigns promoting seasonal specials or helpful information. (Premium plan only.)

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Website development FAQs

How long will it take to build my website?

Most are done within 4-6 weeks and work begins as soon as we receive your first monthly payment or down payment (in case of a flat fee website).

Can you host and update a flat fee website?

Yes. We offer secured hosting plans with or without web work hours for doing updates on your website. The hours can be used any time during your 12-month hosting period.

Will my new website be built with a CMS like Wordpress?

No. All of our websites are custom built and hand-coded. We keep up to date on the latest protocols and use efficient coding procedures to ensure all of our websites load fast.

Is ongoing maintenance really necessary?

If you want a worry-free website, it is. Everything is constantly updating (browsers, devices, coding) and problems are more likely to occur if your website isn’t updated to meet the latest standards.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract for monthly plans?

You must sign up for 12 months to receive your new website. After 12 months, the agreement changes to a month-to-month agreement.

How long do updates take?

Whether you're on a monthly plan or not, most updates are done within 24 business hours unless they are large or complex, then they may take a little longer.

Will a new website require much of my time?

No. You supply your logo and photos (if you have them). We do all the work revising the content from your current website to fit our new design and write any new copy that's needed. Our service even includes supplying stock images and graphics.

Do I own the website files?

With a flat fee plan, you own the website files once you've paid for your website in full. If on a monthly plan, you must sign a 12-month agreement to get your new website and after we receive 12 consecutive payments, ownership of the files transfers to you.