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Is your slow website hurting your business?

Google penalizes slow websites and rewards fast websites. 64% of smartphone users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds.

I'd like a faster website

You need speed
We'll make your website faster

Your monthly plan includes a Google-friendly website that loads fast to keep customers on your site. You pay no upfront design costs. Here are a few of the many ways we make your website faster.

  • Serving next gen images
  • Compression technology
  • Google safe fonts
  • HTTP/2 delivery
  • Optimized coding methods
  • Monthly speed checks

Is your website not working on phones?

61% of people abandon a website that’s difficult to use. Mobile-friendliness and functionality are big parts of Google’s algorithm. Websites that deliver a great user experience make Google happy.

It needs to work on all devices

Your monthly plan includes a Google-friendly website that functions correctly on all devices. You pay no upfront design costs. Here are a few of the ways we make your website work better.

  • Multi device testing
  • Larger text for easier reading
  • Easy to fill out contact form
  • Responsive design to fit screen
  • Click to call button(s)
  • Serving images based on screen size

Is your website not accessible by all users?

1 in 4 adults in the U. S. have a disability. Nearly 7 million have a visual disability. 71% of people leave a website that isn’t accessible and never return.

Your website needs to be accessible

Your monthly plan includes a new website that works better for people with disabilities. You pay no upfront design costs. Here's a few of the ways we make that happen.

  • Works better with screen readers
  • Navigate via the keyboard
  • Passes color contrast test
  • Form input labels on contact form
  • Light and dark color themes
  • Links and buttons properly labelled

Did you know?

Your website is your hardest working employee

As one of your most important marketing tools, your website needs regular updates and changes. Why? With technology constantly changing, ongoing work is vital to keeping your new website in fighting shape.

Here are four reasons why you need to keep your website in tip-top shape. (Your new Sleepy Dog monthly plan handles these and much more.)


Fresh content
Keep em' coming back

Google rewards websites with fresh content. Updates, new pages, and blogging (premium plan only) keeps content fresh and growing.


Ongoing SEO
Keep Google happy

Google’s algorithm is continually adjusted. Your website’s SEO will be revised to meet their latest standards and that makes Google happy.


Coding updates
Keep it working

Speed, function, and accessibility items are regularly tested. Ongoing code revisions fix errors so your website can be indexed properly.


New devices
Keep users engaged

With a constant stream of new devices coming out, ongoing work ensures your website displays and functions properly to keep users engaged.

Trusted By

Chimney Specialists, Inc.
Midway Heating Company
Complete Heating & A/C, Inc.
Dal Porto Show Horses
Eastside Tree Works
DeGorter Inc.
Deerfield Farm
Ewing Electric, Inc.
Fischer Meats
K & D Mechanical, Inc.
North Star Heating and Cooling
Pioneer Fence, Deck & Patio Covers
Premier Field Development

Fix your slow, outdated website with a Sleepy Dog monthly plan

Let's have a chat and we'll show how your new website will be faster and perform better with a monthly management plan. You'll even receive your choice of a $20 Starbucks™ or Amazon™ gift card for meeting with us. No strings attached.

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You'll love this!
No Upfront Design Costs

Ever been frustrated looking for prices? Probably and that’s why we do things a little differently here at Sleepy Dog. We build your website and keep it updated for a simple monthly fee. This offers many advantages to you.

  • Easy to fit into your budget
  • No large upfront design fee
  • Website is always up-to-date
  • You relax while we do the work
  • Better website increases sales
  • Lifetime Price Guarantee

Monthly Plans initial design, complete management,
site growth & marketing


$697per month
  • Initial Design Service
  • Mobile friendly website Smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops
  • Service and product pages
  • CTAs and contact form(s)
  • Gallery
  • Complete copywriting
  • Speed testing
  • Accessibility audit
  • Lifetime price guarantee¹
  • Blog setup & design
  • Ongoing Services
  • Secured hosting with daily backups
  • Monthly traffic reports
  • Regular site updates (content & photos)
  • Content creation (new page additions, service/product info, features)
  • Monthly speed checks & optimizing
  • Monthly UX testing (accessibility, links, and navigation checks)
  • Browser checks (function audit after updates with bug fixes)
  • SEO analytics & revisions (page titles, meta descriptions, Alt image tags)
  • Blog management (research, write posts with SEO, update plugins)
  • Custom Animations (animated logos, interactive elements, etc.)²
  • Quarterly strategy meeting
  • Website remodel every 24 months

¹ Your monthly fee never increases as long as you maintain continuous enrollment in your plan.

² Certain restrictions apply. Contact Sleepy Dog for details.

How It works 3 easy steps to your new site

1. Schedule your meeting

Nancy helps you select the best monthly plan for your business. Work on your website is started once signup is complete.

2. Build your website

Full service means you provide your logo and photos, we do the rest. Includes copywriting and stock images and graphics.

3. Ongoing Service

After upload, you can relax as your monthly plan includes complete management to grow and market your website.

We highly recommend Sleepy Dog Media. They are great to work with, especially Nancy. She goes above and beyond to meet our needs. She’s fast and always provides her professional advice to better our website. They’ve built several websites for us over the past 12 years and we’ve always been impressed with their work.

- Alex & Jessica FackrellMidway Heating Company

Plan glossarythis is super boring. Please don't read it.

Mobile Friendly Design

Your new site not only looks great but is built and tested to function correctly on all devices from phones to desktop monitors.

Service & Product Pages

Draw attention to products and services with catchy headlines. ‘Must know’ content organized for fast scanning and into easy-to-read lists.

CTAs & Contact Form

For better conversion, CTAs are incorporated throughout your site. For convenience, contact forms work equally well on phones and all devices.


Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Users will be captivated by an interactive gallery filled with stunning photos of completed projects.

Complete Copywriting

Your schedule is hectic enough which is why we write all the copy for your site. You only need to give it a quick review to ensure accuracy.

Website Speed Testing

Loading speed is a major factor in Google’s algorithm. Efficient coding makes our sites fast and monthly speed testing keeps it fast.

Accessibility Audit

Your site has features to make it easily accessed by people with disabilities. Monthly checks ensure it keeps pace with new guidelines.

Lifetime Price Guarantee

You’ll never have to worry about a price increase. Your monthly payment is guaranteed to stay the same provided you stay on the plan consecutively.

Blog setup & design

An effective way to draw traffic to your site, your blog is designed in the same colors and style as your site with efficient coding to load fast. Premium package only.

Secured hosting with backups

Your website is issued a security certificate at a HTTPS address. All website and blog files are backed up on a regular basis for safety.

Monthly traffic reports

Easy to read monthly reports are emailed showing number of visitors, how long they stayed, number of pages visited and other info.

Regular Site Updates

Google rewards sites that add content on a regular basis. Unlimited updates to text and photos mean content is always accurate.

Content Creation

As your business grows, we create new pages for expanded services or products and add features for a better user experience.

Monthly UX Testing

We test accessibility, links, and navigational items to make sure your site functions correctly and remains a positive experience for users.

Browser checks

Browsers updates occur several times a year. Checks are done to ensure your site works properly after each update and any bugs are fixed.

SEO Analytics & Revisions

SEO is not a one-time deal. Ongoing work is needed to revise titles, meta descriptions, image tags and other items for the best result. (Premium plan only.)

Blog Management

To attract more traffic, we write and upload blog posts (with SEO info) on a consistent basis. Blog plugins are updated for best performance. (Premium plan only.)

Custom Animations

This includes things like animating your logo, informational sliding panels and interactive elements. Really adds the "wow" factor. (Premium plan only.)

Strategy Meeting

Every quarter we hold a meeting to discuss changes, brainstorm ideas and explain upcoming plans to better your site’s performance. (Premium plan only.)

New Site Every 24 Months

Your site will be remodeled every 2 years to give it a fresh look. The newest coding methods are used to keep it loading fast and working its best. (Premium plan only.)

Website Design Gallerya few of our awesome clients

Collage showing Midway Heating website as it looks on a desktop monitor, laptop, tablet and smartphone
Midway Heating • Portland, OR
Collage showing Eastside Tree Works website on multiple devices
Eastside Tree Works • Fall City, WA
Collage showing Deerfield Farm website as it looks on a desktop monitor, laptop, tablet and smartphone
Deerfield Farms • Preston, WA
Collage showing DeGorter website as it looks on a desktop monitor, laptop, tablet and smartphone
DeGorter, Inc • Monroe, NC
Collage showing Premier Field website as it looks on a desktop monitor, laptop, tablet and smartphone
Premier Field • Snohomish, WA

Would you like a $20 gift card?

We'll give you a $20 Starbucks™ or Amazon™ gift card just for having an online chat with us. It takes about 10 minutes and you'll learn how your website can be faster and more accessible to make Google happy. You have nothing to lose and there are no strings attached.

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