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Improve your online presence by being consistent

Nancy Roblewsky

Improve your online presence by being consistent

All businesses have an online presence, no matter how small you are.  Of course, your online presence might not be that great yet, but it’s something you continually work to improve.  Your online presence is made up of many things-reviews, directories, mentions in publications, etc. and it gets stronger every time you submit your name to a directory or a customer posts a review.

Pay attention to the details

So what do I mean about being consistent?  It’s really about the basics, like writing your address exactly the same (and I do mean exactly the same).  Writing your address as 1234 NE 4th St. and 1234 N.E. 4th St is not the same.  By not using the periods, you changed your address.  Likewise, if your office is in Suite 10 and sometimes you just write #10 or Ste. 10-those are all different.

I realize this is really basic stuff and many people don’t pay much attention to how they type in their address to directories or Google places, etc. though it is important.  I’ve read so many articles about how doing this 1 simple thing can  improve your online presence.

How is your business name listed?

This carries over to your business name as well.  If your business name is ABC Heating and Cooling, Inc., you want to use that exact name all the time.  Don’t be tempted to shorten it by dropping the “and Cooling, Inc.” (or even just the Inc.).  Use your full name as it can be confusing to people who aren’t sure if ABC Heating is the same as ABC Heating and Cooling, Inc.

There’s lots of businesses out there and you don’t want people to be wondering if they’re calling the right place.  While it may sound crazy, this small change can make a big difference so if you don’t do anything else, be consistent with your name, address and phone number.

Many companies have several phone lines so if you have more than one, you should designate one phone number that’s your primary number.  While some directories and other listings will allow for several phone numbers, some may not and if they don’t, use your primary phone number.

While these tips may sound unnecessary, this one small commitment to getting the details right will improve your online presence by eliminating confusion.

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Published: December 29, 2017 • Last Updated: March 11, 2020