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Trouble explaining your services?

Our video production gurus can help by creating an explainer video to show customers how your products and services solve their problem in a fun, yet effective way.

I'd like an explainer video

How do you get started?

You don’t need to worry about writing or coming up with ideas-that’s our job. During an online meeting, we ask lots of questions to uncover the purpose, intended audience and your message.

Our work begins

After that, we start writing the script and searching for a voice actor. You only need to review the script and choose a voice actor from a small selection.

Magic happens in production

This is where the magic happens as we create graphics to bring your script to life. In addition to voiceover, music and sound FX are added to make it spectacular. You’ll get 2 rounds of revisions to fine-tune it.

It’s showtime!

Your finished video will be compressed in preparation for uploading to the web. We can upload it or simply supply the files for you to do it yourself. If needed, we offer video hosting services.

Sample videos check out these demos we made for GreenSock

Project: What is GSAP?

We're big fans of the GreenSock Animation Platform around here so we were honored to work on the explainer videos for them. In part one, we quickly show new users what the platform is and how it can improve their animation workflow.

Project: What is Club GreenSock?

In part two of the GreenSock video series, we explain how membership in their club gives the member access to bonus plugins.

Video Packages flat-fee, all inclusive, no surprises


  • Video Length: 30 seconds
  • Revisions rounds: 1
  • Online planning session
  • Script writing
  • Voiceover
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Web ready files
  • Closed captioning
  • Social media versions

Any package can be customized to meet your specific needs. The only difference between the plans is the length of the final production. Prices are all-inclusive. Each package includes 1-2 rounds of revisions. Additional revisions are billed at our regular studio rate of $175.00/hour. Video hosting is available for an additional fee. The best way to get all the info is by contacting us for a quick online meeting.

Jack Doyle GreenSock

We couldn't be happier with Sleepy Dog Media; not only did they deliver amazing videos that exceeded all our expectations, but they handled themselves with such professionalism along the way that we're now spoiled rotten. We wish all our vendors and partners were like this!

- Jack DoyleGreenSock, Inc.

Package terminologythis is super boring. Please don't read it.

Online Planning session

This meeting is used to clarify the message of your video along with discussing the intended audience, style, and timeline.

Script Writing

A vital element, the script cannot be skipped. We write a script that delivers your message in a clear, concise yet entertaining way.


You select the ‘voice’ of your video from a pool of professional actors. A crucial component, the voice can reflect high energy, credibility, or trust.

motion graphics icon

Motion Graphics

The latest software is used to apply the rotation and movement needed to effectively deliver your message in an engaging way.


Any object can be animated to give it life. Animation is more labor intensive than motion graphics and doesn't fit all budgets.


Music sets the tone and can make or break your video. The perfect music helps your video move along without overpowering it.

Sound FX

Sound is vital to all videos. We have a near endless supply of sound special effects (FX) to make your video captivating.

Web Ready Files

Once your video is complete, we compress the video files so it’s ready to be uploaded for streaming on your website.

Closed Captioning

CC makes your video accessible by those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Studies also show it improves watch times too.


Both packages include 1-2 revisions. If extra revisions are requested, they will be billed at $175/hour.

Social Media Versions

If you have a longer video, we create a short teaser video you can post on all your social media accounts to create excitement.

Video Hosting

For those who do not want to set up their own video hosting, we do offer video hosting for an additional fee.

Increase sales with a video explaining your services

Let's have a chat and we'll show how an explainer video can be the solution to increasing sales. You'll even receive your choice of a $20 Starbucks™ or Amazon™ gift card just for meeting with us. No strings attached.

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