Nancy Roblewsky
December 23, 2023

Landing Pages Increase Conversions

Landing pages increase conversions on your ad campaigns because they are designed for one purpose.  Guiding people through your sales funnel by giving them the information they need to decide and then encouraging them to act.

Statistics supporting landing pages.

But don’t take our word for it.  There’s plenty of evidence that shows dedicated landing pages are more effective at converting people than generic website pages. 

Keywords need to match ads.

People clicked an ad because they have a specific problem that needs solving.  When they land on a web page, they only want to see content related to that problem.  If they see anything else, they quickly click away because they don’t want to have to hunt for it.

Custom page vs. generic home page

A study showed that more than half (of paid ads) link to a company’s home page despite data showing that companies experience a 55% increase in leads when they increase the number of landing pages.

This finding supports the idea that landing pages are effective because they have one focus or topic which matches the keywords used in the paid ads.  

Businesses running PPC campaigns are usually targeting multiple products or services, all of which have separate keywords.  Therefore, you need custom landing pages for each of the ads since they feature different keywords.

Landing pages increase conversions.

All these statistics show dedicated landing pages for your PPC campaigns result in higher conversion rates as opposed to sending people to your home page or other website page.  

This is because landing pages have a single goal and no (or little) navigation to reduce distractions, which increases the focus on the desired action you want them to take.

Your website, on the other hand, has content on multiple topics, many of which do not match the keywords in your paid ad and links to other pages or websites.  All these things compete for the attention of the visitors and lower the conversion rate.

Turn clicks into customers.

The most effective landing pages have a succinct message and clear call to action.  They aren’t polluted with too much content but instead are limited to the specific product or service mentioned in your ad. 

This keeps the audience focused.  Instead of getting distracted by links or other info, a landing page has a targeted message that encourages the conversion process.

When should landing pages be used?

This is a trick question.  You should always use dedicated landing pages when you want to accomplish a specific goal with your PPC campaigns, such as getting leads, sales, or registrations.  

And since all PPC campaigns are designed with specific goals in mind, there’s no question that using landing pages is the smart choice. You’ll get a higher return on your ad dollars and may even be able to lower your ad spend while still increasing sales.

If that sounds good to you, contact Sleepy Dog Media Group to discuss our landing page design and development services.  We’ll help you get more bang for your buck.

Published: December 23, 2023 • Last Updated: December 23, 2023