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Your customers crave video content. Build your audience and boost your profits by adding animated video to all your marketing channels. Our bundles include video for your website, social accounts and email blasts.

Dear marketers,

We get it. Marketing’s gotten complicated. Traditional media doesn’t work because everyone’s online. Your customers are constantly bombarded with information and that leaves you scratching your head.

Here’s the reality. Your customers are addicted to their phones. They hate reading. Are always in a rush yet never too busy for social media.

Your best bet? Video bundles. They break through the noise by working across multiple platforms to reach customers on their terms.

video rocks!

Why would you want to use video marketing?

We've prepared a little pros and cons list for you to help answer that question.


  • Increases Brand Awareness: Videos capture attention to quickly spread brand recognition.
  • Boosts Online Presence: Videos improve search engine rankings and online visibility.
  • Enhances Engagement: Visual content is more likely to be shared and interacted with.
  • Improves Conversion Rates: Videos can lead to higher sales conversions.
  • Explains Products/Services: Complex ideas are easier to understand when shown in a video.
  • Cost-Effective:Once made, videos can be used over and over again making them a great value.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Videos are easily watched on mobile devices, where most users are active.
  • Builds Trust: Personalized videos create a connection and build customer trust.
  • Encourages Social Shares: People are more likely to share videos, increasing potential reach.
  • Provides Analytics: Video platforms offer valuable insights into viewer behavior.


did you know?

Eye-opening video marketing statistics

  • Watching on the go

    Did you know 9 in 10 consumers watch videos on their phones?

  • Laptop Dollar Streamline Icon:

    Video creates buyers

    89% of people say watching a video convinced them to buy.

  • Startup Streamline Icon:

    Your business grows faster

    Companies using video grow revenue 49% faster than ones who don't.

  • Wifi Router Streamline Icon:

    50% is video. Wow!

    Did you know half of all internet traffic is video?

turnkey, ready to launch

What's included in your video bundle?

Everything to reach your customers no matter where they are.

Your custom video bundle will include all the products and instructions for incorporating your animated video across your marketing channels. It's all covered. Website, social, email blasts and landing pages.

Significant savings

Bundling allows us to offer products at a discount over purchasing them separately making video marketing affordable for your business.


Videos increase the understanding of your product or service by 74% making explainer videos great for home and service pages.

Social media

Video on social media get 48% more views so whatever social channels you use, we’ll create videos that may turn you into the next viral sensation.

Closed captions are included since many watch without sound.

Landing pages

Video on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80% thereby boosting your PPC performance.

Animated GIFs

Adding animated GIFs to emails boosts click-through rates up to 42% making email marketing even more effective.

How to video market guide

You'll receive a PDF guide with instructions and strategies for implementing your new videos and related assets to all of your channels.

  • Tentative timeline for rolling out assets across your marketing channels.
  • Tips for posting social videos to variety of platforms.
  • Best practices and creative ways to use your bundle items.
  • Instructions for adding GIFs to emails and video to websites and landing pages.
lets save some money

4 options for your marketing success

Social Sizzle4 total videos

Get ready to have your message go viral by igniting your social feeds with a variety of easy-to-share animations.

$9,500you save $5,500
  • (4) Social media videos max 15 seconds/each
  • (4) Animated GIFs
  • (1) How to video market guide

Email Extravaganza6 total videos

Transform your mundane emails into works of art with exciting GIFs that drive up click-through rates and profits.

$17,500you save $9,500
  • (2) Landing page videos max 60 seconds/each
  • (4) Social media videos max 15 seconds/each
  • (6) Animated GIFs
  • (1) How to video market guide

Website Wizardry9 total videos

Explainers and landing page videos increase conversions while social videos drive customers to your website.

$29,000you save $13,000
  • (3) Explainer or promo videos up to 60 seconds/each
  • (2) Landing page videos up to 45 seconds/each
  • (4) Social media videos max 0:15 seconds/each
  • (1) How to video market guide

Marketing Mastery14 total videos

Spread your message far and wide! Explainers, landing pages vids, loads of GIFs and social videos get the job done.

$49,000you save $18,000
  • (4) Explainer or promo videos 0:60 seconds/each
  • (4) Landing page videos 0:45 seconds/each
  • (6) Social media videos max 0:15 seconds/each
  • (6) Animated GIFs
  • (1) How to video market guide

Video marketing terms

Warning: Super boring. Reading may result in unscheduled napping.

Explainer video

Complex subjects are broken down into bite-sized pieces that are easier for your customers to absorb so they understand and remember it.

The combination of audio, motion graphics and images work together making it the ideal solution for showing how a product or service works.

Landing page video

Focused on one subject, this video is specifically made for a landing page (often for PPC campaigns) with the goal of converting visitors.

They increase conversions because they contain all the information people need to know in order to get them to make a decision or act.

Social clips

15 seconds or less, these clips can be cut from a longer video or created just for promoting a new service or improving your brand.

They include captions since many watch without sound and are easily shared to spread your message more effectively.


Short, fun, and engaging animations that can be easily added to your email templates without worrying about compatibility or loading problems.

GIFs are a great way to spice up your email campaigns as the dynamic movement motivates the reader to take action and increases open rates.

How To Guide

Customized PDF document with easy-to-follow instructions for implementing your bundle assets across your marketing channels.

Strategies for the most effective use of your video on web and landing pages, GIFs in email campaigns, and clips on social media.

Email templates

To aid in your email campaigns, we provide email templates of copy that coordinates with the GIFs included in your video bundle.

This saves you time since you will not have to write emails from scratch. You can quickly edit the provided copy to fit your exact needs.

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Video Marketing Bundle FAQs

Can I substitute an explainer video for landing page video?

Yes, as long as the length is the same. If you buy a bundle with one 60-second landing page and one 60-second explainer, you can make them both explainers as long as the videos are 60 seconds long.

Is a video bundle more effective than just an animated video?

Yes. The other items help increase your ROI. For example, the clips for social media get more eyeballs on your video and GIFs in your email campaigns increase your click-through rate.

Do I save much money by getting a bundle?

Yes. Purchasing these items individually would cost you considerably more but since they’re based on your animated video, we’re able to create them at a reduced rate so you can use them to market your video more effectively.

Don’t lots of people watch video without sound?

Yes they do which is why we include closed captioning on all videos. That way, even if someone is viewing it without sound your message is still received, and your video doesn’t lose any of its effectiveness.

Will getting a bundle take up a lot of my time?

No. With our process, we do all the work, and your time is limited to things like reviewing the script and selecting the voice-over talent.

How will I implement the items into my marketing?

Each bundle includes a How To Video Market Guide with instructions and strategies for implementing bundle items into your marketing.

Will a video bundle make my competition green with envy?

Absolutely! They’ll be kicking themselves for not getting one done when they see all the people flocking to your business instead of theirs.

Will a video bundle help me increase my sales?

Yes. Studies prove video is more effective than other methods. 89% say watching a video convinced them to buy which is why video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.