Nancy Roblewsky
December 22, 2017

Using video to increase productivity on the job

At one time or another, most of us have wished we could clone ourselves and since technology has not yet advanced that far, we have to think of other ways to give ourselves more time.  This is where video enters the scene as the often under-used and under-appreciated medium.  Let’s talk about using video to increase productivity on the job.

Ways to incorporate video

So, let’s think about everything your job involves and discuss possible ways video could be used to make your job easier, better or simply replace portions of it.  For now, let’s not worry about the cost and just brainstorm possible uses for video.

  • Training of new and current employees-this would provide consistent training as using video would guarantee every person receives the exact same information every single time.
  • Sales presentations-would not have to worry about mistakes being made as the message would be well-thought out and delivered flawlessly every time.
  • Instructional videos-everyone’s job involves explaining things to either other employees, customers or potential customers so use an instructional or explainer video to do it for you.  Rather than relying on a human who makes mistakes, using a video ensures the message is concise and perfect every single time.

Think outside the box

When I say video, I don’t mean a ‘talking head’ video.  If you’re going to make a professional video, you need to make it engaging and entertaining as well as educational or it won’t accomplish anything.  This is where hiring a professional is helpful as they will be able to take your ideas and information and transform them into a creative production that efficiently delivers your message (whatever it is).

Delivers  message more effectively

This is where you have a chance to make your video version much better than the real life version.  You don’t have to be hampered by conventional thinking and you can use all elements to get your message to the intended audience.  Whereas you might not feel comfortable using humor yourself, you can use humor in the video version.  Again, this is where you can use a little creativity and make your video much more effective than what you are currently doing.

Video is money well spent

People tend to think of video as too costly but I would argue this point.  For 1 thing, can you put a cost on your time?  If you spend money to make a video and that video frees up several hours of your time every week, wouldn’t that be worth a lot to you?  Think of the other things you could accomplish in that time OR maybe that’s time you can spend with your family.  I  don’t know if you can put a price on that.

It’s not just about time either.  If you develop a video to use as part of a sales presentation and there’s an increase in sales, then that’s money well spent. The increase in sales is not a one time thing as all future sales can be contributed to the effectiveness of the video.  That would more than pay for the original cost of making the video and that ROI would make any business owner happy.

As you can see, using video to increase productivity on the job is well worth the time, money and effort put into the production.

Published: December 22, 2017 • Last Updated: March 12, 2020