Nancy Roblewsky
May 25, 2020

Is my website more vital during COVID-19?

In the uncertain times of COVID-19, there’s one thing that IS certain.  Your website is more important than ever.  People are home more and have time to notice that the faucet keeps dripping or the furnace is making a strange sound. 

People were already searching online to find a company to solve their problems and now, many have even more time on their hands.  This means they may scrutinize businesses (and their websites) more and are probably visiting more websites before making decisions. 

Questions to ask yourself

While the answers to these questions were always important, they are even more vital in today’s climate. People have always had many choices as to HOW they spend their money and you need to be sure they choose you over your competition.

People want value

One of our clients mentioned that in economic downturns you would think people are concerned with price.  Instead, they are most concerned with quality and trustworthiness.  I’ve heard this before from clients and tend to agree.

I surmise that shopping with quality and trustworthiness as your guide means they are looking for the best value.  They’re not afraid to spend money IF the repair or service is done correctly and will last. Therefore, let them know you provide the best value and you’ll earn their business.  

New normal presents opportunity

No one can foresee the future though I think we can all agree things will not be returning to the way they were.  The quicker you face that fact, the better.  Everyone will have to get use to a new normal, which isn’t a bad thing IF you’re prepared.

It presents an opportunity for agile business owners who adapt to the changing conditions.  For example, if your business falls under the Home Services category, your focus may have shifted to service & repair instead of new installs. People are still spending because things break and need to be fixed but may put off costlier construction-type projects. 

Foundation of your business

Your website is more vital than ever.  Most (if not all) marketing focuses on driving people to your website.  If it’s the weak link in your chain of customer acquisition, then all the marketing money spent to get them to your website is a waste.  

The smart move is to invest resources in your website to improve that portion of your sales funnel.  It’s crucial to have an edge over your competition at a time when people are relying more than ever on your online presence.  

Is your website user friendly?

Part of this should include a review of your website to ensure it caters to your customers.  Make sure it showcases the exceptional value you deliver and that your services and products are presented in an easy to understand way.  

Also, functionality is key. If it doesn’t work on all devices, prospects will quickly leave and never come back.  Always look at your website from the perspective of your customers.  Think about what they want to know and always make it easy for them to contact you.

While we may not know where the COVID-19 situation is going, you do know your website is crucial.  Therefore, any money spent to make it more effective will not be wasted.

Published: May 25, 2020 • Last Updated: May 25, 2020