Nancy Roblewsky
January 1, 2018

Fresh content is best

You’d never think of eating a hamburger that was 6 months old, so why do you put content on your website and never change it?  Just like food, freshness is important in regard to the content on  your website.  So, you may be thinking that food and websites are two different things and the same principles don’t apply, though I would beg to disagree and here’s why.

What content do customers want?

Having out-dated content on your website won’t physically harm you like eating food that’s past its prime though it can and does hurt your website’s performance.  The goal of any search engine is to provide the best solutions for the user so that usually means returning the most up-to-date and accurate information.

I’m bringing up this topic because it would seem many business owners don’t quite understand the importance of updating and adding new content to their website.  I say this from experience with our own clients as well as many conversations I’ve had with business owners in the past.

Provide information that’s helpful

Certain types of websites need to make updates more often than others, such as websites covering the latest news, though the principle translate to all websites.  No matter your business, the products and services you provide do change-new equipment comes out or there’s an improvement in the way you provide a service.   Also, it’s not just about changing the current content, it’s also about adding new content or targeting a new type of customer.

It’s no secret that search engines like to see a website grow over time and adding new pages or blog posts are a wonderful way to improve your website’s performance. Since website visitors are looking for answers as well as solutions to their problems, new pages can provide them with the information they seek.

While not everyone wants to read that much, a potential customer who’s interested in buying a certain piece of equipment will read it and it could make the different between them buying it from you or your competitor.

Website visitors are looking for solutions

Likewise, you can use blog posts to answer specific questions that customers have but maybe don’t ask often enough where you want to put that information on your website.  Blogs posts are also a good place to target a new customer base or put detailed information like equipment specs that not everyone is interested in but a particular set of customers want to know.

Remember, fresh content is best when it comes to your website so investing money in a web maintenance plan that will continually add and update content on your website will be money well spent.

Published: January 1, 2018 • Last Updated: March 11, 2020